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Digital Marketing institute in Laxmi nagar

Digital Marketing institute which is DMTE  DIGITAL MARKETING TRAINING EXPERT don’t compromise when it comes to quality. Our Digital Marketing course and training programs lead you to a rewarding career. further There are so many institutes and companies over ahead offering the same course beside further Course then why you should choose us? Honesty is the best “policy” is our mantra by switching to DMTE you can get a salary hike, accelerate your career, make money as a freelancer, multiply your revenue, and much more.

What is Digital Marketing

 DMTE institute provide you best quality content syllabus and practical classes as well as. lets see moreover talk about what is Digital besides get to know marketing is an activity to promote your business by online. this will also help you make your own identity as well as. this will also help you get 100% conversion by online you can also learn process of selling your product by online as well as also by shopping sites. you will get Important knowledge about making website Besides ranking process product selling and more similarly you will enhance the knowledge about all more Marketing strategy. 

Our Modules

you will learn how to make any kind of website by using wordpress CMS Software along with knowledge about domain and hosting information – 

1. Domain & hosting Buy

2. Understand hosting (Cpanel)

3. Install WordPress 

4. Understand Theme of Designing

5.Learn Personal, Business, e – commerce , Blogging website,

6.Wordpress Software

WordPress Tour – Includes Posts, Pages, Updates, Appearance, Plugins, Etc  WordPress Themes, Widgets, Plugins
 Theme customization on WordPress

Seo Search engine optimization is an activity to increase your website raking on google  top page (serp) by organic..

1. Components of Search Engine



4.Intro to keyword Research 

5.Types of Keywords

6.Business Analysis & Categorization { Business Doctor Diagnosis} 

7.Google Keyword Planner

8.Competition Analysis 


10.Introduction to On Page SEO

11.URL Structure Optimizer

12.Head (H1, H2, H3) Optimization 

13.Meta Tag Optimization

14.Content Optimization 

15.Sitemap Submission – HTML & XML

16.Redirection and Canonicalization


in this module you will learn how to get online customer and get conversion by using facebook, linkedin, youtube , twitter, Marketing strategy from basic to advance..

1.Facebook Marketing

2 . Linkedin Marketing

3. twitter Marketing 

4. Youtube Marketing

5. Instagram Marketing 

In this module we will learn of making 5 campaign like-

1.Search Campaign

2. Display Campaign

3. Video campaign

4. Application ad Campaign

5.Shooping ad campaign

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online 

  1.  How to write quality content
  2. .Check duplicate content
  3. Content Marketing 7 Step Strategy Building Process
  4. What is Authority Blog?

Here is some tools of google which will help you in proses of Digital Marketing so you will get a knowledge from basic to advance.


1.Google Tag manager

2.Google Search Console (Previously Google Webmaster

3.Google Analytics (Advance Level) 

4.Google Tag Manager

5.Google Adsense Basics (CPM, CTR, CPC, etc)

6.DoubleClick Search 

7.Google Suite 

8.Google Trends

9. Google My Business Optimization

If you are running a business where you sale your products so this skill will help you to get more sales. 

1 – Introduction E-commerce Marketing 

2 – Fundamentals of E – Commerce Marketing

3 – Different Types of E- Commerce Marketing

4 – Top E – Commerce Marketing Website in world 

5 – How to Promote E -commerce site BY (Seo) (Smo)

6 – How to use Affiliate Marketing to Promote website


1 – Introduction of Email Marketing

2 – What is Email Marketing

3 – Behavior based Email Marketing

4 – Types of email Marketing

5 – Email Marketing strategy

6 – How to create mail list 

7 – Email list create

8 – Solve Spam problems 

9 – How to use free tool for Email Marketing 

10 – Important factors of Email Marketing


1 – What is Affiliate Marketing ?

2 – Cost per sale (CPA) 

3 – Cost per lead(CPL)

4 – Cost per Click (CPC)

5 – Important Factors in Affiliate Marketing

6 – Affiliate Marketing Basic

7 – Affiliate Network History

8 – Affiliate Earning Platform

9 – How to link with Affiliate Marketing 

10 – Ecommerce Account creation 

11 – How to Choose Suitable Network

12 – Publisher Case Studies 

In these days everyone want to make money by online by sitting their home and here a best platform to make this things true you can make money online with some amazing  skill which you are going to learn in This perfects digital marketing industry 

• What is Freelancing
• Benefits of Freelancing
• platform For freelancing
• what is a Freelancer?
• Understand Freelancer Strategy
• How to grab freelancer project?
• How to Earn from online?
• Platform for Earning ?
• Make Freelancer Profile?
• Important factors of Freelancing 

This will give you knowledge about image designing including high-level concepts like layout, typography, and color. Then it’s your chance to get hands-on, using Photoshop to creatively adjust, repair, and retouch the kinds of images used in graphic design projects.

• How to Create an Image
• How to Design an image
• How to use Canva?
• Make free logo for website
• Select Best Template for Design image
• Make Attractive Logo / Images
• Best Tool for Image Design

• How to Create a Blog?
• Make money from Blog
• important factors in blogging process!!
• How to create page
• How to customize and manage setting
• Create Blog without investment
• Benefits of blogging
• WordPress site blogging
• Blog Basic to advance Knowledge
• Get AdSense approval for blog

Digital Marketing Institute In Laxmi Nagar

Digital Marketing Batch time

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