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About Us (who we are)

DMTE Pvt Ltd(Digital Marketing  Training Expert Pvt Ltd) serves as a network between Students and Digital Entrepreneurs. We fill the gap between students and the latest industry who’s ready requirements to keep up them in the race. The Digital Marketing Training Expert was created by a group of Digital Entrepreneurs with the sole aim of promoting Digital awareness among our millennial. As an Entrepreneur, after meeting school and college students we realized an urgent need for creating a platform for students to make them digitally aware of all the latest advancement of the industry we all felt so passionate about. We are on a mission to make our students into Digital Entrepreneurs. And also Provides various Computer Courses .

Industry Exposure

Learning the course is not sufficient as you have to be market ready and that can be possible only if you work on the live
projects. We will guide you to accomplish all your projects.

Better Than Competitors

Nowadays, students are provided with basic notes completely based on theoretical knowledge which affects the growth of
students. But we are here to guide and support the students along with the proper industry exposure

Provide Maintenance & Campaigning

We are here to help you at every step. There are a lot of bugs and problems which comes in front of the students and they
will be fixed as soon as they appear

We Provide Full Support

What makes us different from others is that we do not treat our students as a potential profit gaining customers but we treat
them as family hence deploying our marketing and optimizing team to provide additional help in generating results.

Ours Professional Trainers....